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Hunting – Through Sustainable Utilisation

Established in 1997. Celebrating 20 years of local and international hunting and friendships. Marula Safaris offer an authentic African hunting experience, with a large variety of trophy game on some 12 000 acres of unspoiled African bushveld. Marula Safaris is also an experienced bow hunting outfit with eight professionally constructed hides that are regarded by some as the best in the country.


"I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful hospitality and wonderful hunting experience you have provided me. My stay has been very good and you are the reason. Keep up the good work." - M Vancas, Arizona, June 2001

"A class A+ operation. Many friends were made on this trip and memories for a lifetime. Everything that came together for this hunt was very worthwhile." - V Clark, Arizona June 2001 

"I’ll never forget you guys. Thanks for the best hunting trip ever in S Africa."

 A Doherty, California, June 2003

"The best people and hospitality – the best food, thanks to you and Anna. I enjoyed the hunting. Thanks for the experience."

 G Bumgarner, June 2003

"Wonderful place and hunting. Great people. Thanks."

M Doherty, Nevada, June 2003

"Couldn’t ask for a better time and extraordinary service."

A Agnew, Arizona, May 2004

"Absolutely amazing treatment. Amazing food and great facilities. I could not have asked for a better place to spend time with my sister and gramps. The hunting was great too."

R Richardson, Arizona, July 2004

"I couldn’t help but read the previous comments… They all had positive, sentimental word to share, and I feel the people on this farm are incomparable to the rest of S Africa! I feel as though I have family here now, along with some fabulous trophies & memories!! First kill with my bow ever…. Thanks for all your kindness, gracious attitudes, and respect for God’s creations. We’ll be back… Ya’ll have the sweetest hearts & charismatic personalities. See you in Arizona."

A Richardson, Texas, July 2004

"This was the best hunt I’ve been on in Africa. Have been here four times. Everything was just great."

G Richardson, Arizona, July 2004

"I love this place! I can’t wait to come back! I killed my first animal ever here with my bow so I have to come back and have lots more fun."

M Kieborz, Arizona, August 2004

"The hospitality was the best – Anna’s food exceptional!! Thanks so much."

M Bell, Nebraska, August 2004

"My first time to Africa and Wow!! What an experience! Not only was everything first rate, but I made some lifelong memories here by coming with my best friend ….my dad."

D Richardson, Arizona, July 2005

"Second trip here and a great time again. People are great and we were treated like royalty."

D Hunsaker, Arizona, July 2005

"Both of us 1st time to South Africa – had a great time."

T Carlson, Minnesota, August 2005

"Best hunt ever. Great people. (Like family)"

C Thornton, Arizona, July 2007

"Great time, great people."

B Meador, Arizona, July 2007

"Too short. Hunting of my life! Food for the soul."

B Jones, Arizona, July 2008

"This hunt was better than I dreamed. Lots of quality animals but most importantly, quality people. The hospitality and meals among many other things were wonderful."

M Ovitt, Arizona, July 2008

"This place is great. It has been a trip and experience of a life time. The food and hospitality and hostess are great. We were made to feel very welcome and felt at home. This place could not have been better. Thank you guys very much."

C Lee, Arizona, August 2008

"Others may have killed more animals, but I had a better time. Thank all of you for the great memories. Llewellyn enjoy your new toy. Chris enjoy the new game you learned. Johan + Hester thank you the most!! Had a Great Great time."

J Hayden, Arizona, July 2009

"This was incredible. The weather didn’t co-operate, but the people, the animals, the memories will be forever. Thanks Johan, Hester, Niel, Chris and Llewellyn for all your hospitality and help during the week. Hopefully I’ll come back to complete my list." 

M Rossman, Arizona, July 2009

"We were given a challenge due to the unusual amount of rain. But everyone put in 110% into helping us bag our animals. This was an incredible trip with incredible people. By far exceeded my expectations. Thanks to everyone who made this happen."

B Hayden, Arizona, July 2009

"We had a wonderful trip. Even managed to gain a pound or two – the food was incredible. On our list for a repeat trip. Thanks to all for the hospitality."

R Orberson, Arizona, July 2009

"Second time here had a wonderful time, it is always a good time."

S Williams, Arizona, July 2009

"Great trip. Best hunt I have ever been on. Food was great. First trip. Trying to figure out how to get back. Thanks to all."

D Kleck, Arizona, August 2010

"Husband and wife in blind for 10 days and still talking! Thanks to wonderful hospitality.

W Banks, Arizona, September 2010

"Awesome time! Amazing will be back asap!"

B Ellison, California, August 2011

"Third trip, great time like always! Hester did a great job cooking and replacing Justin."

M Zieser, Arizona, August 2012

"Unbelievable hunt of a lifetime."

D Goodwin, Arizona, September 2015

"Great time. Lots of animals, great service and food. Thanks."

D Currie, Arizona, September 2015

"This is a great place to hunt. I will come back again."

A Rendon, Arizona, September 2015

"Had a wonderful time. Great company and a great hunt."

C Larsen, Texas, September 2015

"This is definitely a place and trip to remember. Thank you for everything."

M Doane, Arizona, July 2017

"Great hunt, great service. Had a wonderful time. Will be back."

J Marriott, Arizona, July 2017

"Thank you for everything you have done for us. My first time in Africa + I couldn’t be more pleased."

K Carlson, Minnesota, July 2017

"Had an amazing time. My 2nd time here. Better than 1st time. Saw lots of animals. Can’t wait to come back."

J Carlson, Minnesota, July 2017

"Trip of a lifetime. Everything was perfect! Will be back again."

T Carlson, Minnesota, July 2017

"My 3rd trip here. Good honest people. Awesome experience and I never shot an animal!"

T Carlson, Minnesota, July 2017

"Great times."

M Geleta, Alberta, September 2017

"Great food, great people, great place and a holelot of FUN. Thanks."

J Chrzaszcz, September 2017

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